Shifting your valuables from one place to another can be a daunting task, as there are many steps involved. These steps include careful packing, loading, transit and unloading goods. Since it’s not something you do everyday, self-shifting can cause damage to your belongings, and you could even injure yourself in the process. This is the reason why it is advisable to choose packers and movers who can pack your belongings properly and move them easily to your new home.

For a smooth move, you should hire professional and authentic moving companies with years of experience, familiar with the relocation process, and assist you with the best packing materials, equipment for loading and unloading, etc. While looking for a removal company in India, make sure that you protect yourself from counterfeiters who may lose your belongings during transit. Such companies always provide poor quality services and also behave unprofessionally. Given below are some essential points that will help you choose the right and genuine packers and movers in Bangalore to have a smooth and hassle-free relocation.

Get Quotes From Various Movers

Packers and Movers in Bangalore

There are many relocation service providers in the moving industry, but choosing the right one for you, one that is safe and provides safe relocation services can be confusing. A pool of unprofessional or bogus moving companies will initially charge you low prices to gain your trust. During the transfer process, they will ask for additional fees. When you want to be sure that your moving company is qualified for your home or corporate relocation, it is best to contact at least 4 to 5 firms first and ask them to provide you with written cost estimates. It is best to stay away from people who opt for estimates over phone calls or emails, especially without doing a pre-move survey of your home/office.

Avoid Moving Companies that Offer Low Rates

There are many moving companies in the market charging different prices, which can be quite confusing. But, it is best not to choose one that offers very low prices. Such tactics are ways to entice customers to hire their relocation services. These fraudulent companies then make excuses to make you pay extra, such as saying that your destination is too far away, you have too many goods to move, etc. It is better to choose a company that offers you a fair and average price for the transfer. , at least you’ll have peace of mind for a safe shift.

Avoid Finalizing a Moving Company in a Hurry

Whenever you choose a home shifting service company, make sure to research about them before finalizing their services. Always choose 4 to 5 moving companies and check their reviews and years of experience and only then hire them. You want only genuine packers and movers to handle your belongings, don’t you? Do not choose any company in a hurry as there are many professional packers and movers who will promise you quality service but may damage or lose your belongings during the shifting process.

Check Company Experience

When you have decided to thoroughly research the company, the first thing you can do is check their experience. An experienced packers and movers company will be ready to handle the type of move you require. For example, if you want to move to a high-rise apartment, you should ask your packers and movers whether they have offered such moves before. You can also inquire about the employee working in the company and whether they are skilled and have relocation experience.

Check Company License

When you want to know how to hire genuine packers and movers, you must not forget to check whether the company you choose for your office or home relocation is properly licensed or not. One way to properly check their credentials is to visit their office and ask them about their license to work. It may sound very time consuming, but it is essential to check the company for home relocation before you hand over your valuables to them. Some genuine and trustworthy packers and movers in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi etc., post their letters of authenticity on their websites as proof of their legitimacy. Be sure to check whether they are fake or not.

Read Reviews and Ratings

The easiest way to find out if a moving company is safe or not is to read the reviews and ratings given by their previous customers. Through these, you will be able to understand how that company provides service to its customers. A company with the most negative rating would indicate that they are very unprofessional, and it is best to stay away from their moving services. You can read honest feedback from customers from the official website of Packers and Movers or other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google+ or online directories like

Complaint History

You may find some relocation companies that offer the moving services you require. You should search their name on Google and read the reviews and comments customers have left for the company. People would have given stars according to their satisfaction with the services provided by the companies. Be sure to carefully read both the good and the negative aspects of the company and investigate any significant complaints made to Google. This will help you a lot when you are interviewing the moving company.

Ask Questions

It is best that when you choose a relocation company, ask your questions beforehand to clear your doubts about their services. By asking too many questions about their services, the company will take you seriously and will not try to fool you with false answers. Following are some of the questions that you can ask the moving company:

  • How many years of experience does the company have or for how many years has the company been doing this work?
  • Is the team trained to handle my items safely?
  • What methods of payment do you accept for your services?
  • Do you offer insurance?
  • What is your cancellation policy?
  • What tools and packing materials do you use for relocation?
  • Are there any hidden charges?
  • Do you provide additional services such as packing and assembling of goods?
  • What will be the final delivery time?
  • Can you also transport cars or bikes?
  • Will packers and movers pack everything?

Sometimes your luggage may get lost or damaged due to unforeseen circumstances like theft, bad road conditions, bad weather etc. This is the reason why India’s top packers and movers offer moving insurance to safeguard your belongings in such unfortunate circumstances. So, before choosing any company for your transfer, ask them if they provide insurance. Best Packers and Movers provide two types of insurance, such as:

  • Declared Value Insurance – As the name suggests, in this type of movable insurance you have to pay the actual value of your insured goods. Packers and movers will compensate for the loss by paying or replacing the item. You do not need to pay extra for declared value insurance.
  • Full Value Insurance – In this type of moving insurance, the company relocating the home or office will replace or repair items that are damaged or lost during transit. However, unlike declared value insurance, you need to pay a fixed amount to avail this type of insurance

Read the Paperwork Carefully

Once you have chosen a company for the house relocation, you will need to sign some paperwork. This document will include all the necessary information related to your move, such as moving quotes, services to be provided, inventory list, taxes, additional charges, insurance etc. You are not able to understand, first clear them with packers and movers. This shows that you are aware of your consumer rights. You should sign the documents after reading all the required paperwork. Remember that you should never sign a blank piece of paper or a check that has been filled out in your absence.

Moving from one place to another is not very easy; That is why you need a professional and reliable moving company that will make the relocation job easy. It is always suggested that you research about moving companies properly to avoid scams. Start planning and preparing for your home or office relocation at least a few weeks or months in advance so that you have enough time for research work.

These were the essential points to remember while searching for reliable and genuine packers and movers for your intercity local home shifting. Among the top packers and movers in the market, there are many bogus companies that claim to offer top-notch services, and that’s why you should follow our pointers above to differentiate them from professional companies and make them safe and secure . Needed. Should choose the option of office or home transfer. , You can also visit reliable Packers and Movers in Bangalore where you will find certified moving companies that offer city to city relocation, international relocation, cargo transportation and other services.

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