Moving furniture is one of the trickiest processes in any home relocation process. It’s not just about packing and moving heavy, bulky furniture pieces from one place to another, but it also requires precision to ensure their safe handling.

Domestic relocation services in India and across the world have answers and solutions to all your queries related to furniture moving and are equipped with all the facilities to ensure a safe furniture shifting experience anywhere in the world.

As this task is very complex and requires planning and organization, you do not want to damage your valuable furniture item at any cost. So here are some useful tips that will help you plan a safe and successful furniture move.

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Tips To Ensure Safe Furniture Moving In India

Everyone wants to make sure that expensive furniture items are delivered to the destination in safe and secure condition. Whether you have hired furniture shifting services or have opted to move your furniture on your own, here are some tips that will help in ensuring complete safety of your sofa sets, beds, wardrobes, cots, cabinets etc. will do.

1. Make a checklist of moving furniture: Make a checklist of the pieces of furniture that you will be moving to your new place such as couches, sofas, tables, chairs, desks, cupboards, wardrobes, bookshelves etc. This list will help you make it. Checking off furniture items on a packing list and list after their delivery at the destination. You can segregate this list by type, number and current condition to help you make the right decision.

2. Measure your furniture: Before making packing and transportation arrangements for your furniture to your new home, it is always better to measure them to ensure that they will fit through the corridors of your current and new home. Draw a floor plan of your new home and then note the width, height, depth and diagonal dimensions of each piece of furniture to ensure they fit perfectly in the desired location in your new home.

3. Appraise Your Furniture: The main objectives of a furniture appraisal task include:

  • Check for pre-existing damage to your furniture and take pictures. Also mention the damages in your inventory list so that you can get the right insurance.
  • Decide which furniture items require professional packaging.
  • Make a list of items that you will be taking with you to save more on your relocation.

4. Clean your furniture: Wipe your furniture items with a soft cloth to remove any accumulated dirt and dust particles as their surface may get scratched during transportation. Don’t spend too much time on this as your furniture will soon be filled with packaging material.

5. Check for obstructions: Safety is of paramount importance when you are moving furniture in or out of your home. Before moving your furniture, you need to make sure there are no obstacles in the way. Block off any danger areas and remove all items that could be a safety hazard. Make sure children and pets are placed in a safe place so they are out of the way.

6. Hire Furniture Moving Services: Moving heavy furniture is never easy and requires a team effort. Since moving any piece of furniture is a multi-person job, it would be a wise decision to hire professional furniture moving services in your city. Such companies also have the best tools and equipment and experienced workforce to handle such complex and physical tasks with perfection.

7. Organize the furniture you want to take: When you are going for an intercity relocation, it is always better to take useful furniture with you. If you are looking to buy new furniture for your new home, getting rid of unnecessary furniture is one of the best decisions. This will help you reduce your running expenses by a significant amount.

8. Separate your furniture items: Bulky and bulky furniture items like sofa sets, beds, wardrobes, dressers, bookshelves, cabinets, desks, tables, etc. can create the biggest hassle in your moving process, when appropriate They are transferred without planning. Since such items are heavy and come in various shapes and sizes, it is difficult to get them through any doorway without breaking them. Experienced furniture movers will dismantle your furniture using the best equipment to move your items easily and safely. Don’t forget to click pictures of your furniture items before disassembling to help you reassemble your furniture.

9. Protection of furniture items: Never forget to pad your furniture items to prevent accidental hits during transportation. Protect your furniture by using soft padding to prevent damage.

  • Place pieces of thick cardboard around the corners of furniture and other high-risk areas to prevent damage.
  • Wrap fragile furniture items or pieces in packaging paper and then in bubble wrap to ensure maximum protection.
  • Use twine to secure movable and non-removable furniture items.
  • Cover wooden surfaces of furniture with padding blankets.

10. Tighten loose furniture items: Keep items like screws, bolts, nuts, dowels, washers, etc. in a safe place in ziplock bags.

11. Separate fragile items: Any glass or other fragile elements in your furniture that may break during handling should be removed beforehand. Pack such items separately and properly in packing paper, blankets, bubble wrap etc.

12. Use a Furniture Dolly: Definitely a lifesaver for everyone! A furniture dolly helps in moving heavy furniture items easily so that you can move your furniture easily.. This is the first piece of moving equipment needed to lift and move heavy furniture items.

13. Use a furniture glider: When you need to slide a heavy piece of furniture over some distance, you will need this speeding tool for hassle-free and frictionless gliding. Furniture Gliders have durable plastic on one side and tough rubber on the other to ensure zero damage to floors.

14. Use proper lifting strategies: To ensure safe handling of heavy furniture items, follow the safe lifting techniques listed below:

  • Always push heavy furniture items and never pull them.
  • Never bend or hold heavy furniture with your hips. Use your feet.
  • Keep heavy items of furniture in the middle and close to you relative to your body.
  • Take small steps when handling heavy pieces of furniture.
  • Instead of looking around, keep your eyes focused on the furniture.
15. Wear proper clothing and footwear: Always wear comfortable clothing and footwear when handling heavy furniture items.

  • Do not wear expensive clothes while walking as anything can happen to them.
  • Never wear baggy clothes as there is a risk of them getting caught on a furniture item which can lead to an accident.
  • Always wear closed toe and rubber soled shoes for good friction.
  • Never forget to wear the best quality gloves to improve your grip and protect your hands from damage.

Packaging Materials Used in Furniture Moving

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To ensure that your furniture is moved safely, the best quality packaging materials should be used by you or the moving company such as:

  • Furniture Blanket: This type of blanket has the ability to protect your furniture items from any damages while handling them. Their thick shape makes them the perfect packing supplies to be used during the furniture shifting process. These blankets are used by professional packers and movers to wrap furniture and other heavy items for safe delivery.
  • Bubble Wrap: Using a good amount of bubble wrap is a great way to protect your valuable and expensive furniture while moving. Fragile and fragile items should be packed with bubble wraps because the air they contain absorbs shock perfectly, without damaging the item.
  • Packing Paper: This is the first protective layer for your valuable furniture item.
  • Furniture wrap: Plastic or furniture wrap is used to protect panels, furniture doors and drawers from opening and closing during movement. It also protects the furniture from dirt, dust and moisture during transit.
  • Packing Tape: A high-quality packing tape is best for protecting furniture pieces during transport.
  • Cardboard sheets: Cardboard sheets protect the glass surface on your furniture from shock or shattering.

Moving Equipment Used in Furniture Shifting

There are various useful moving tools and equipment used by furniture movers in India and abroad to ensure safe handling of your valuable furniture pieces during transportation.

  • Moving cart
  • Moving straps and ropes
  • Moving blanket
  • Furniture sliders
  • Hand truck
  • Lifting straps

Moving furniture doesn’t have to be much of a hassle; It only requires proper preparation. Hiring a good movers and packers company that has hands-on experience in furniture shifting will simplify this complicated process for you and ensure that your valuable furniture reaches your new home in perfect condition.

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