It does not matter to which part of Kolkata you are moving, selecting a genuine and right moving company for your move in Kolkata is a big task. From hiring long distance movers to local moving companies with trucks for rent, we need to consider a lot.
Follow these 13 simple tips to find the best Kolkata movers for your relocation job and to know whether the chosen moving company has the credentials and know-how to meet your moving needs in a safe, quick and budget-friendly manner. There is potential.

1. Ask for References

Searching for the right moving company on internet platforms or telephone directories can be a daunting and time consuming process. Asking for referrals from friends, relatives, colleagues or neighbors who have previous experience of relocation through movers and packers in Kolkata is a good idea to cut down on time. This can help you find the most suitable moving company for you that suits your budget as well as preference.

2. Shortlist 3 Moving Companies

Never settle on the first moving estimate you get from the movers. Instead, get in touch with at least three moving companies in your desired location in Kolkata and ask for free moving quotes from them for comparison. This empowers you to choose the cheapest moving company that falls within your budget and needs.

3. Years of work experience

Hiring a moving company for your relocation which is just established yesterday and has no relevant experience in carrying out moving tasks is not a right decision at all. Whether you are hiring professionals for a local move or long distance move, hire movers in Kolkata who have at least a decade of experience in planning and executing such moves.

4. Look for the Red Flags

Keep your eyes open when talking to company representatives about your move. The genuine movers in Kolkata do not really ask for any kind of cash deposit in advance. But, if your chosen movers ask for a deposit upfront, you should consider hiring someone else. Take a close look at the way they talk and check how confident they look as they explain the whole process to you. Ask them as many questions as possible to test their knowledge of their job. Also inquire about the moving trucks they will use to move your belongings.

5. Licensed and Insured

Moving company without license or registration documents is a big risk to your entire moving process. A US DOT number is issued to interstate movers licensed by the US Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. If you are going to another state, then definitely check this number with the moving company. And, if you’re relocating locally, contact your local consumer affairs agency.

6. Customer Reviews and Ratings are Required

Taking a closer look at the reviews and ratings of previous customers of movers is the best way to check their genuineness. Based on experiences with moving companies, customers post their testimonials on various websites for future clients to consider and make their decisions. Companies with good customer reviews and 4 to 5 star ratings are considered best to work with. People can also check whether a company is certified by the American Moving and Storage Association.

7. Relocation Services Offered

Every moving process is different and movers are different too. Not all moving companies in the Kolkata provide all types of moving services to their customers and most of them are well equipped to perform domestic relocation in Kolkata. Hence, it is always better to check what kind of moving services your chosen movers provide and whether they provide the kind of relocation service you are looking for. Also, check that your moving company has sufficient manpower and equipment to meet your moving needs.

8. Service Areas of the Company

Before hiring a moving company for your moving job, it is better to check the areas in which they provide their services. Assuming you want to move to San Francisco. Then, you need to hire movers in San Francisco who provide their services in this city. If a moving company serves the area you are looking for, then you are all set to go!

9. Address Verification

Verification of the office address of the moving company is essential to check whether the company actually exists or not. A proper office address means they are operational and can be contacted in an emergency. It must be registered with the appropriate government organization.

10. Inquire About Professional Accreditation

The trade associations properly and rigorously assess the movers before giving them the seal of approval. Look for a moving company that has the Kolkata Moving and Storage Association logo. You can also search for verified and certified moving companies directly on the Kolkata Moving and Storage Association website.

11. Agent of National Moving Network

Dependable moving companies need the right tools, equipment, and packing materials to complete the moving job. When you’re traveling interstate or need a special move, it’s a good idea to hire a mover who is also an agent of the National Moving Network. As they have the best moving vehicles and equipment for moving, you can expect timely delivery of your goods at your new location.

12. Check with the Better Business Bureau

Check the moving company’s record with the Better Business Bureau (which can be done online). Hire a moving company that is BBB accredited and has a good rating. If your chosen company is not listed with the BBB, look for another.

13. Right Moving Equipment Available

The last and most important thing that you should look for in a moving company in Kolkata is that they must have the right moving gear to accomplish the moving task. When movers have a good stock of quality moving equipment available, they can also accommodate at the last minute. Also check whether the company has its own moving trucks or whether they use rental trucks to meet a moving need.

The Ending Note
It is extremely difficult to determine what you should look for in your preamplifier because it all depends on your needs. As your moving needs change, so do the answers from the best moving companies. Asking for free moving quotes and inquiring movers about services and equipment is the best way to get started. But, ultimately, the ultimate goal is to choose the best and affordable movers to move your belongings from one place to another. Follow these simple tips when you are hiring Packers and Movers movers in Kolkata and be assured that you will hire the best for your moving job!!!

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