Moving to a new home within or outside of Delhi will be an exciting time. But, you’ll end up quickly spoiling all the fun when you take the decision to carry out the entire move by yourself, in addition to stressing yourself out completely. Instead, make your move quick and easy by taking a look at the packers and movers charges in Delhi and hiring professional packers and movers who are experienced and knowledgeable in the relocation field.

One of the important things you should look out for while selecting moving companies is to find reliable packers and movers in Delhi that provide relocation services at reasonable prices. However, since there are many movers in Delhi, you’ll end up getting a huge range of packers and movers Delhi charges making it difficult to choose a reasonable one. Therefore, it’ll help if you know the approximate packers and movers charges in Delhi before getting in touch with them.

Read below to find out the average cost for packers and movers in Delhi and learn about the different factors that are considered while calculating your home shifting charges.

The packers and movers charges for house shifting will depend on several factors and will vary as per your detailed requirements. Local packers and movers in Delhi move your home from one area to another quickly and efficiently and charge Rs 5000 to Rs 10000 on an average. Domestic packers and movers in Delhi will determine your relocation charges after carefully considering all your requirements. The city you are visiting.

Procedure to calculate your shifting cost in advance before the due date – The cost calculator method

Before getting into the details of how packers and movers calculate your relocation cost, let us introduce you to a handy tool. The name of this tool is the Cost Calculator, and it specializes in giving you a rough estimate of how your moving expense points will look. The cost calculator tool is a convenient and accurate way to find out how much your relocation will cost you. Team Deal Packers and Movers believes in making the work easier for its customers and visitors. Therefore, we are enclosing the cost calculator tool below. Enter all the required details and find out how much you will have to pay approximately for the shift you are going to do with us. After that, we’ll explain to you the factors that affect that cost.

About packers and mover’s charges

When we are about to shift our house to a new place, our mind goes through many doubts and questions. There are so many things to understand, find out and clarify that it can be risky not to get a proper answer. One of the essential things while doing Office or Home shifting is booking Best movers and packers in Delhi. This problem will be solved if you take the help of Deal Packers and Movers, a directory portal that directs you towards verified, experienced, expert and professional moving companies across India. However, the next step is equally important: knowing how much you’ll be charged for taking advantage of the moving company’s facilities. If you are relocating for the first time, you might not know what factors affect your packing and moving charges. But Deal Packers And Movers believes in spreading awareness and educating its customers on various aspects related to home shifting. We have thoroughly researched this topic and decided to spread this information in the easiest way possible. This will help you understand your transfer process and money calculations efficiently.

The amount charged by local packers and movers

When we shift house within the city, the cost of moving is very less as compared to what is charged for interstate shifting. And not only the running cost, but the entire time, energy and physical and mental exertion invested in shifting is also halved when the pick-up location and drop location of the goods are not very far apart.

One major factor affecting this type of shifting is not packing everything completely. Some items can be left unpackaged, and some items that are not fragile can be packed very simply. This is because the time taken to transport the goods is less and the risk of damage is also less.

This does not mean that a local packing and moving company does not give their 100% to move you safely. It only means that the transfer is less hectic and problematic. Plus, since half the items are packaged in a less complicated way, it further reduces unpacking and rearranging time for the family and moving company on the go. Hence, the local relocation charges, whether office relocation or domestic relocation, are lower than other types of relocation.

Here are all the things that make up your local home-shifting bill:

Goods Quantity:

The heavier the object, the more effort it takes to lift it. Not only the labor but also the size of the truck is directly proportional to the quantity of goods. So, it is one of the main factors affecting many things during local relocation.

Packing Material:

Depending on the number, size and quality of the goods, packing material is needed to pack everything safely. All bubble wrap, packing blanket, plastic sheet, cardboard box, polystyrene material, cello tape, etc. are needed. And the amount of all these ingredients depends on the quantity, quality and size of the goods to be packed.

Moving Truck Size:

If you are relocating 3-5 BHK within your city, it does not matter what is the distance between the two locations. The amount of cargo being moved will determine the size of the truck. And large scale home shifting requires a much wider and sturdier truck. So, it is one of the main cost-determining factors in local home relocation.


As we mentioned earlier, the manpower required to execute the entire job is also considered as an essential aspect of the cost calculation. The bigger the change, the more human resources are needed. And the more men means the more labor charges have to be paid for shifting. The average single worker charges for house shifting is 400-500/- per person. If you are relocating 1BHK, 2-3 men will be required, while 2BHK will require 3-4, and 3BHK will require 5 men. Now you can multiply by the labor cost for local shifting based on the number of rooms in your home.

List of Services for Local Home Shifting:

Transfer Time:

Shifting your home during peak hours can be costly due to the high demand for packers and movers. While this doesn’t affect local transfers much, it is always safe to know that timing your transfer can save or cost you money.

physical activity of labor

If the floor of the pick-up or drop location is too high and lift service is either unavailable or out of lift service, the worker’s exertion increases. This factor is then taken into account while billing your final moving amount.

Labor Tipping:

In India, it is customary to tip workers and helpers after the work is done. Even though this is an optional cost, and rates are usually minimal as well, you can still count it into your bill if you’re prepared to tip your labor for their hard work and smart work.

additional services:

We often ask our helpers for help and favors when in need. Also, if you demand additional services from your movers during local house shifting, you will have to pay for them.

Those are the major factors that add up to your running costs. The distance covered by the moving truck to drop off your consignment is not added here as the distance within the city is often very short. In local shifting it is so insignificant that moving companies add it at the end as it does not make much difference to the bill.

Deal Packers and movers rates for local relocation

Based on the research done by us, and after getting data on moving quotes of Deal Packers and Movers for local house shifting in Delhi, we have estimated the cost of local house shifting. Here are the details of the same for you:

Type of MoveLabor ChargesTransport ChargesPacking ChargesApprox Total
1BHKRs. 3400Rs. 3100Rs. 4400Rs. 12000
2BHKRs. 4500Rs. 3300Rs. 7000Rs. 15500
3BHKRs. 8500Rs. 4100Rs. 9000Rs. 18500
4BHKRs. 9500Rs. 4900Rs. 10500Rs. 22500

Shifting rates of movers and packers for long-haul shifting

As we have discussed above, the transfer rate of any transfer depends on various factors. Talking about one of the main components of shifting that people often don’t understand is the factor of distance covered in shifting. People often get confused about this. To explain it to you in simple words, here is an example for the same:

Example: If you have a load of goods and have to transfer within the same society, the distance covered by the moving company is almost zero. Therefore, in this case the cost of travel will be little or no. But if you have very little luggage and need to move it from Delhi to Bangalore, then in this case, the size or quantity of the luggage will not matter, but the distance covered will matter.

The bottom line is that a moving company calculates the cost of the diesel required for the relocation to calculate the cost of the distance traveled. No diesel expense means no distance covered; Therefore, it will either not affect your running cost much or just make a

Long Haul Move TypeDirect TruckShared Truck
Delhi to Bangalore (1BHK-2BHK)Rs. 28,500 – 45000Rs. 15000 – 20,500
Delhi to Hyderabad (1BHK-2BHK)Rs. 24,500 – 38000Rs. 12,500 – 17,000
Delhi to Pune (1BHK-2BHK)Rs. 30,500 – 32,000Rs. 15,500 – 24,000
Delhi to Chennai (1BHK-2BHK)Rs. 24,500 – 28000Rs. 13,500 – 18,000
Delhi to Mumbai (1BHK-2BHK)Rs. 25,500 – 26000Rs. 14,500 – 18,000

Rates charged by moving companies for car and bike transportation services

Just like we are shifting homes from one city to another, there are times when automobiles need to be shifted from one city to another. And there are times when we cannot do this work on our own. No matter how much we try or want, there is a limit to driving a car or bike alone and taking it to another city or state. But packing and moving companies do not move your home or office. They also transport bikes, cars and other vehicles. They have special trucks to do this job, and here’s how much it could cost you:

Move Type/Distance Up to 400KM 400KM to 800KM 800KM to 1200KM More than 1200KM
4-Wheeler (Car) Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 26,000 Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 30,000 Rs. 17,000 to Rs. 40,000 Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 45,000
2-Wheeler (Bike) Rs. 1,500 – 3,000 Rs. 3,000 – 4,500 Rs. 4,500 – 5,500 Rs. 4,500 – 8,500

What is the price of storage and warehousing services in Delhi?

This is one of the most valuable facilities provided by most of the moving and packing companies in India. Warehousing facility can be availed for various reasons. The warehouses of packers and movers in Delhi are temperature controlled, and companies often take care of sanitation and pest control facilities in their storage houses. While the charges for warehouses may change depending on time, circumstances and other factors, here is an approximate list of charges for warehousing and storage facilities in Delhi:

Warehousing/Storage Storage Charges Approx. No. of Boxes
Small Box Rs. 350 per month NA
Medium Box Rs. 500 per month NA
Large Box Rs. 650 per month NA
1 BHK Household Items Rs. 3,200 per month 20
2 BHK Household Items Rs. 4,000 per month 35
3 BHK Household Items Rs. 5,000 per month 40
4 BHK Household Items Rs. 7,000 per month 50

Deal Packers and Movers has observed that many people looking for relocation services are often confused about many things. Understanding the concept of moving cost generally stands number one when it comes to clearing doubts related to relocation. With this information, we have tried to solve most of your queries and help you understand how your packers and movers charge you and the different types of services you pay for.

Frequently asked questions

Q.1 How can I calculate my local transfer fee before transfer?

You can use our cost calculator tool to estimate your relocation fee. The tool is efficient and precise in giving the best results. Also, if you want to know how the cost of relocation is calculated, read the details on our webpage.

Q.2 Does every packing and moving company charge the same shifting amount?

No, each moving company charges different rates for the moving services they provide. This is because every company has a different experience, expertise and market demand which affects their charges. Also, every packing and moving company in India has some or the other specialty in providing facilities. This uniqueness in their services and facilities also determines their transfer fees.

Q.3 Do packers and movers charge different rates for different routes?

While there is no such policy of charging different rates for different transport routes across India, certain things affect your transfer cost depending on its distance. If the transfer is made from hills to the plains, the charges may vary due to distance traveled from the slope of the hills. Road connectivity and the quality of roads also affect the cost of the distance covered during transportation of goods. But the distance traveled charge remains same for most of the plain areas.

Another thing that affects the cost of the distance traveled is whether or not it belongs to the region. If the transfer is done in a snowy place or during the monsoon season, expect a change in the price for the distance covered by your moving company.

Q 4. Are the factors affecting domestic relocation also responsible for office or business relocation?

Yes, all the factors mentioned above are same to determine your local or interstate office relocation. While some things may have a slight chance depending on various factors, most of them remain the same to add up to your final moving cost.

Q.5 Do packing and moving companies provide an estimate for our relocation?

Yes, they provide you with moving quotes, and these quotes include their charges. This allows customers to compare various moving quotes and features and select their ideal moving company.

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